Tanya M.


5 April 2017

Mr John Velos MELBOURNE VIC 3000

RE: Mr John Velos legal services on bankruptcy

I engaged Mr John Velos and his legal team at Velos & Velos lawyer in bankruptcy situation where I was involved with my spouse. They have worked promptly and compassionately to defend me in a situation that almost cost me my house. He has been extremely understanding of my financial situation. He proceed with this matter in a way that allowed me to continue focusing on my children and my life in general like nothing was happening. He made me feel like I matter, just like his family. He showed compassion, professionalism and care.

Mr John Velos would have me sit down in their office where He and his team will explain everything with every single detail to me, on how they will proceed in the matter and what I should expect. They will also listen to my requirement and let me decide on actions calmly. The situation involved another party living in Sydney, New South Wales, so it was so stressful to not be able to presently assist in every negotiation or bargaining going on but just read about it on emails. Somehow Mr John Velos expertise had me calm down to a point that I trusted that I will be okay.

I would recommend Mr John Velos legal services with no hesitation to anyone in this situation or any legal situation that will need a professional that can proceed with care and compassion.

I know that I thanked you before John but I would like to thank you and your team again in this letter for your care and compassion, you treated us like we matter and helped us get some peace over this difficult time. I am glad that you were there when we needed you. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Tanya M.