Consent Orders

If you are currently looking into having a consent order for either property, or for how your child will spend time with each parent, we can help advise you.

For a family court to accept an order, proposals must meet certain requirements and we can help advise you on the best way to make sure that your agreement is not only accepted in court, but will also be appropriate to your current and future circumstances.

Transferring property

We can advise you on how to transfer land and property, to avoid incurring stamp duty costs during a separation. We can also guide you towards the best solutions for refinancing debts into an individual person’s name. The refinancing process with banks can be difficult, but with our support we can make it simple, effective, and equitable.

Child matters and custody

If you are considering, or creating an agreement regarding your child, we can help advise you how effective this agreement would be in terms of its enforceability and its fairness. We can also help ensure that each important consideration has been given adequate consideration so as to ensure that you do not miss important issues.

Court order non-compliance

If you, nor your former partner has not complied, nor contravened the consent order, we can provide support, and may be able to create a number of other protective orders such as supervision of spending time, drug screening, ensuring that your child does not spent time with certain inappropriate people, and orders ensuring that your child’s particular needs such as medical needs are appropriately catered for.

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