What is a Personal Protection Order

The Family court has the power to grant personal protection order to protect children, parents and others that regularly spend time with a child.

These are similar to violence protection orders however these are granted through the Family Court rather than the Magistrates Court. Personal protection orders are often granted as part of a matter being heard by the Family Court to provide an additional level of protection to the safety or well-being of the child or carer.


What is an Injunction

Injunction orders are to prevent a person from taking specific actions. These may be related to entering certain places (such as a home, workplace or school) or they could relate to a wide range of other behaviours. These behaviours and the powers of the Family Court relate specifically to family law and may be various matters such as

  • divorce
  • separation
  • family safety
  • relationships
  • These may be related to either the family, or to the finances

These matters are usually serious and complex and expert barristers are usually briefed to advise, settle documentation and appear in court to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved and appropriate court orders are obtained.


A variety of court orders may be obtained to prevent:

  • entering certain places such as a home, workplace or school
  • denigrating you, your partner or members of your family in the presence of your children;
  • moving outside the Melbourne metropolitan, or other specified area;
  • removing children from the State of Victoria or the Commonwealth of Australia;
  • discussing any Court proceedings with your children; and
  • consuming alcohol or illicit substances for a specified period of time before you care for your children.


Injunctions & Restraining Orders for property matters

  • dealing with or dissipating assets, including jointly held funds or real estate;
  • further increasing liabilities;
  • making any changes to the structure of companies or trusts in which you or your spouse or de facto have an interest;


Violence Restraining Orders & Misconduct Restraining Orders

These orders are granted by the Magistrates Court and may relate to matters of a more varied nature than the Family Court orders. We can also provide you with assistance to any of these matters.


How We Can Help

Life can be stressful enough without the worry of a partner or former partner taking actions that impact you or your child’s┬ásafety or financial future. We can help ensure that a range of common situations such as a partner squandering assets prior to separation are not able to take place whilst ensuring that changes to your children’s care do not take place without your consent.

With over 40 years representing families in the Court systems we have vast experience in dealing with all family matters.

Contact us today to learn more about your legal matter, your rights and how you can resolve the issues in the most effective manner.